[tex-live] Request for scyrillic fonts.

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat May 23 19:36:54 CEST 2015

Hi Igor,

    I would like to request inclusion of these fonts to TeX Live
    CTAN: tex-archive/fonts/cyrillic/scyrillic

At least some are already there, in the package cmcyr.  Just with
different filenames?  (Gosh, it was a lot of years ago that I did those
renames.)  I only compared cmrz10.mf vs. cmcyr10.mf, but they were

But in case you want to proceed anyway, I'll answer the other questions.

    1) Is it sufficient to put only LICENSE file to the archive? 

It's not optimal, but yes, it's sufficient.
(Optimal would be to put a statement in each file.)

    Will the following be sufficient for the LICENSE file?

It's technically ok, except for your typo of "Acacedimc" instead of
"Academic".  The text of the license should also be included.

But using the Academic Free License is not especially desirable, since
it is incompatible with everything else.  Unless Alex has strong
feelings about it, I would suggest stating the fonts are public domain,
just like the cm originals and the cmcyr set.

For instance, this statement could be added to the README:
  This entire scyrillic font package is released to the public domain.

That is enough.  (The fontname reference in the README, and my old email
address, should also be updated or removed.)

    2) How to make license information appear on this page?

The CTAN folks will take care of this when the new version of scyrillic
uploaded (http://ctan.org/upload).

    3) How to make this package included in TeX Live?

Besides the license, the other issue is file names.  There can't be any
duplicates, and I see a half-dozen or so existing in cmcyr:
  cyrillic.mf cyrl.mf cyrsymb.mf cyru.mf cytextit.mf cytitle.mf

A few input statements elsewhere in the mf files would need to be changed.
If you want to go ahead, I would recommend renaming all the cy* files as
cmcys* (not just those duplicates), for consistency and clarity.  


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