[tex-live] requirements for addition in shell_escape_commands

Élie Roux elie.roux at telecom-bretagne.eu
Sat May 16 23:58:59 CEST 2015

Le 16/05/2015 23:25, Karl Berry a écrit :
> - a compilation option to link with kpse, that would be only used in 
> TeXLive build
> Sounds good.

Good, I've already implemented something in the last commits of


but I admit the diffs might not be easily readable... It seems to be
working well though.

> installing gregorio from github on top of the TeXLive installation
> would have an "unsafe" gregorio in shell_escape_commands
> If users choose to do that, that's up to them.
> Of course, I hope you won't *recommend* doing that, since it would 
> defeat the whole purpose.

Of course.

The only thing I don't have control on is TeXLive and MacTeX (nor MikTeX
of course) not providing kpathsea library, so people under Mac won't be
able to build gregorio with kpse... Under most Linux distro it's
relatively easy though. But I also don't know how to provide a .exe
linked with kpse... I don't think I can right? I think it's feasible not
to distribute anything under Windows except through the TeXLive
channel... But it's easy to build gregorio under Mac, so I can't prevent
people from not linking...

> How often will this C program change?

That's a good question, but what I was thinking was to take only very
stable versions into TeXLive... so maybe once every 6 month?

> - if a script solution is taken,
> Skipping all this unless we do end up taking this course. It seems
> simpler to just make the C program do the right thing in the first
> place.

Seems good!

> Gregorio is almost 9 years old now, it seems difficult to rename
> it...
> I didn't realize it had such a long history.

Me neither actually, it was weird typing the "9"...

> I thought it was something completely new.  In that case, agreed that
> it's better to keep the name.

Ok good.

Thank you very much!

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