[tex-live] requirements for addition in shell_escape_commands

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat May 16 23:25:54 CEST 2015

     - a compilation option to link with kpse, that would be only used in
    TeXLive build

Sounds good.

    (it seems too complex to ask users downloading gregorio on
    github to compile kpse library first)


    installing gregorio from github on top of the TeXLive installation would
    have an "unsafe" gregorio in shell_escape_commands

If users choose to do that, that's up to them.

Of course, I hope you won't *recommend* doing that, since it would
defeat the whole purpose.  How often will this C program change?

    - if a script solution is taken, 

Skipping all this unless we do end up taking this course.
It seems simpler to just make the C program do the right thing
in the first place.

    - where can I find the documentation of kpse_in_name_ok?

I briefly mention it in the kpathsea[.texi] manual, but more useful is
probably: grep name_ok kpathsea/*

    Gregorio is almost 9 years old now, it seems difficult to rename it...

I didn't realize it had such a long history.  I thought it was something
completely new.  In that case, agreed that it's better to keep the name.


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