[tex-live] regression (?) with minimal ctex example

Leo Liu leoliu.pku at gmail.com
Sat May 16 13:55:42 CEST 2015

Hello Scott,

I'm afraid that your original MWE is wrong.
The 'nofonts' option means that we do not use the default Chinese font
setting and will manually specify the fonts later.
It is a coincidence that the MWE works in old version of ctex package,
because recent versions of xeCJK package loads Fandol fonts when no fonts
are specified. We disabled this feature in ctex version 2.0.

You can remove the 'nofonts' option and then this simpler MWE should work
(on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux):


Anyway, I think the error message should be improved.

BTW, it doesn't matter to use \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}, if you know what
you are doing.


2015-05-16 12:54 GMT+08:00 Scott Kostyshak <skostysh at lyx.org>:

> The attached minimal example compiles for me on a system with a TeX
> Live pretest of a week and a half ago, but fails on a system with a
> pretest from today. It's definitely possible that there is some other
> difference between the systems (e.g. missing font), so I would like to
> check in here and see if others can reproduce the difference in
> behavior.
> Attached is the MWE that I compile with the command xelatex. Also
> attached are the "good" log (from the pretest of a week and a half
> ago) and the "bad" log.
> Note also that in the good.log file, there are many warnings. So
> perhaps the mwe.tex is supposed to fail to compile and it was a bug
> (or lack of feature) that it did not fail to compile before?
> Best,
> Scott
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