[tex-live] Remote installation in Windows

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Mar 25 15:46:30 CET 2015

Client Group IT Services Student Worker 2 (Andrew Honzay) wrote:

>> What happens if you explicitly set the environment variable "temp" (all case variants !) before invoking \\PathToBat\install-tl-advanced.bat ?
> I changed the user variable TEMP and TMP of my own account to C:\Temp. This worked for changing the directory while I am logged on, however, the computers I would like to install on will be at the CTRL + ALT + DELETE screen and will not have a user environment in which to work. Is it possible to do an install within those parameters?

What I meant was to set "TEMP" (and friends) within a script that goes 
on to invoke \\PathToBat\install-tl-advanced.bat, Andrew.

** Phil.

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