[tex-live] Pathological search path for TeXMF.cnf

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Mon Mar 16 18:02:58 CET 2015

I have copied the entire 4Gb+ of the TeX Live 2014 installation from the 
fast machine to a 250Gb drive attached direct to my router, and 
therefore accessible from all machines on my home network.

On the slow machine, I set up a pseudo-drive letter and modified path :

Net use T: \\DSL-3780\usb\TeX\Live\2014
Set Path=T:\Bin\Win32;%Path%

I then try XeTeX from this remote file system :

CD D:\Users\Philip Taylor\AppData\Local\Dropbox\LPL\Catalogue\Version 
XeTeX -output-directory=../Remote-content Master

and whilst it limps along initially, while loading (e.g.,) 
./Image-float.tex, ./Captions.tex, ./Prelims.tex, 
./Dynamic-content/Master.toc, ./Dynamic-content/Master.toc, 
./Dynamic-content/TOC.aux, ...

it then becomes blindingly fast once it gets onto processing the guts of 
the book.

I shall now have to re-clone the TeX installation from the DSL-3780 to a 
hard disc on the slow machine and see if I can still replicate that 
performance gain.

** Phil.

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