[tex-live] Identifying the cause of slow compilation

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Thu Mar 12 12:02:44 CET 2015

Zdenek Wagner wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> I was not careful enough when reading your original post. I have read it
> again and I have a few new suggestions:
> 1. Yes, you can easily override any setting in texmf.cnf by editing the
> root texmf.cnf (in $texmf-dist/YYYY where YYYY is the year). If TEXMF
> contains strange directories, copy the definition to the root texmf.cnf
> and remove the wrong ones.

Should that read "(in $texmfroot)" rather than "(in texmf-dist/YEAR)",
Zdeněk ?  There is no "2014" under $texmf-dist here ...

> 2. It is not necessary to add the working directory to TEXINPUT beccause
> it is searched as the first location. If you do it, TeX will look there
> twice. If the directory contents is cached by OS, the second lookup will
> be fast. If the OS (or VM) has little space for disk cache, the second
> lookup will be as slow as the first one.

To be tried.

> 3. Remove the trailing comma inside the curly braces, It will cause
> searching the whole $TEXMF/tex tree.

I tried that, and it failed to find a key file; I will try again.
** Phil.

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