[tex-live] Permission bits of installed packages

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Mar 11 15:14:57 CET 2015

> Recently I set my umask to 077 (in /etc/profile.d). The next time I
> So I wanted to ask if it is possible to correct the permission bits
> (maybe to 755) during installation so the result doesn't depend on
> the user's umask?

It is not only the user's umask, but also the one of root. If you don't
want this, then you have to make sure that what you put in profile.d/*
is proper.

Sorry, we will not override permissions that root has set via umask.

A simple solution for this is
* either install TeX Live as user and not as root (-> no need for sudo)
* or give root proper umask, an umask of 077 for root is *very* bad idea


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