[tex-live] Permission bits of installed packages

Mohammad Akhlaghi akhlaghi at gnu.org
Wed Mar 11 02:43:11 CET 2015

Dear TeX-live maintainers,

First of all, I wanted to thank you for the great tool, I have been 
using TeX live for nearly four years now and it has been great.

Recently I set my umask to 077 (in /etc/profile.d). The next time I ran 
"sudo tlmgr update --all", I noticed that LaTeX (when I ran it as a 
user) complains about not having permission to access the newly updated 
packages. When I checked I noticed that the permission bits of all the 
updated packages and directories were also set to "rwx------". This 
didn't happen with my distribution's package manger (it wasn't dependent 
on my umask value).

So I wanted to ask if it is possible to correct the permission bits 
(maybe to 755) during installation so the result doesn't depend on the 
user's umask?

Thank you very much again,

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