[tex-live] automake issues with $(AM_V_P)

Mirko Vogt tex at nanl.de
Tue Mar 10 16:18:14 CET 2015

On 03/10/2015 10:17 AM, Peter Breitenlohner wrote:
> On Mon, 9 Mar 2015, Mirko Vogt wrote:
>> I'm having issues compiling latest trunk (svn rev 36459):
>                                                     ^^^^^
>> ...
>> make[3]: Entering directory '/compile/texlive-36470/texk/web2c/web2c'

> which revision?

Oh - probably I noticed new commits upstream meanwhile, so I pulled in
the latest changes which however didn't change anything.
Either way, I'm explicitly talking about r36470 here.

> on which system?

I'm trying to cross-compile texlive within OpenWrt on Ubuntu 14.10.
The previous automake output I posted came from the automake used within

However the exact revision before introducing silent-make-rules compiles
fine within that environment. Although I can't say for sure of course,
it doesn't look like the typical cross-compiling issues to me.

> Makefile.in contains (should contain)
>   AM_V_P = $(am__v_P_ at AM_V@)
>   am__v_P_ = $(am__v_P_ at AM_DEFAULT_V@)
> what are the corresponding lines in Makefile?

I pasted the Makefile (texlive-36470/texk/web2c/web2c/Makefile) result here:

Log of the whole process (big):

> Regards


> Peter


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