[tex-live] CTAN package pages

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Fri Mar 6 20:04:11 CET 2015

Gerd Neugebauer wrote:

> Each page contains a link in the footer labeled "Contact". It leads
> to a page > with contact email aresses and hints for their proper
> use. Isn't that enough?

The "Contact" button occurs outside the context of the page, in the page
wrapper, and leads to a generic address :


It was not (and is not) at all clear to me that the "Contact" button is
intended to provide a feedback mechanism for the page, and when clicked,
the visitor is offered just two options :

> In case of tech­ni­cal prob­lems with these Web pages please
> con­tact web­mas­ter at ctan.org
> In case of up­load prob­lems with pack­ages please con­tact
> ctan at ctan.org

Neither of these are appropriate if one wants to report (e.g.,) a
factual error on the page. and the fact that the link fails to capture
the page context as in, for example :

(with appropriate URL encoding))

means that it is effectively useless for such purposes.

** Phil.

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