[tex-live] Attention when upgrading to El Capitan

Matthias Nott mnott at mnsoft.org
Fri Jun 26 08:57:16 CEST 2015

Hi Team,

The El Capitan upgrade will not carry along entries to /usr that do not come out of the box, such as /usr/texbin. This will break TeXLive by and large for all users upgrading. When upgrading to Yosemite, /usr/texbin already caused the upgrade to take "forever," as a result of which I had moved it out of there and replaced by a symlink. Now, this symlink, along with others I had there, were not carried over when upgrading to El Capitan.

I've opened a bug report for Apple, and they responded "This issue behaves as intended."

See below.

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Apple Developer Relations25-Jun-2015 09:22 PM
This issue behaves as intended.

If you have any critical software that is broken by this, please file specific bug reports on each application that is impacted so we can evaluate.

We are now closing this bug report.

If you have questions about the resolution, or if this is still a critical issue for you, then please update your bug report with that information.

Please be sure to regularly check new Apple releases for any updates that might affect this issue.

Matthias Nott17-Jun-2015 04:14 PM
Have a symlink in /usr like /usr/texbin -> /Library/TeX/Distributions/Programs/texbin. Also have some symlinks to /opt/X11. None of those were carried over on upgrade. Re-adding them requires temporarily disabling rootless.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Upgrade Yosemite -> El Capitan.
2. Custom content in /usr is missing and can be re-added only disabling rootless.

Expected Results:
Everything in system folders should be carried along. Or not. A philosophical question probably.

At least users should be aware.

Actual Results:

El Capitan
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