[tex-live] TeXLive 2015 on Mac; TeX Live Utility

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Sun Jun 14 22:59:56 CEST 2015

Le 13 juin 2015 à 01:51, Maxwell, Adam R <adam.maxwell at pnnl.gov> a écrit :

>> What I don't understand is why this error did not show up until after
>> the official release.  Did no one ever try doing an install from the
>> final installer packager, install-tl-20150523, and then run TLU?
> I installed the 2015024 MacTeX package on my system at work, but
> apparently never found time to run TLU, unfortunately. Sorry about that.


I ran TLU a number of times during the early pretest period,
but then ran into the habit of using directly tlmgr for upgrades
as I had to do this both on a Mac and on a GNU/Linux and
wanted to keep my work flow identical

I have followed Adam's procedure described earlier in this
thread and I confirm I could then run successfully TLU on TL2015
after that. 

This is with TLU 1.21 (I had TLU 1.19 but upgraded
as soon as I hit the problem solved in this thread; there was also
the problem that I had TLU still configured with the pre-test mirror,
but as I was reading the solution simultaneously
in my mail reader I am not sure now about the order of events)

this is on a mac os mavericks



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