[tex-live] [luatex] lltxplatform integration

Peter Breitenlohner peb at mppmu.mpg.de
Fri Jun 5 10:12:17 CEST 2015

On Thu, 4 Jun 2015, Élie Roux wrote:

> Precisely... I might misunderstood your point of view, but I thought you
> wanted no dso in TeXLive... ...

Hi Élie,

if you have not already done so, pleas read tlbuild.{pdf,info} and in
particular "5.3 Distro builds".

When building for the native TL distribution (as on the DVD), we only use
shared libraries when absolutely necessary, i.e., libc, libm, X11 libraries,
and (except for OS X) libfontconfig.  One reason is maximal portability, an
other that the location of non-system shared libraries has to be known at
compile time, quite impossible if that location is determined during the TL
installation).  The situation would be at least as bad for shared objects
loaded via dlopen() or similar.

All that is differnt for Windows where the DLLs can be in the same location
as the executable binaries, and thus there can be, and in fact is a shared

The situation is quite different when building TL for a GNU/Linux or BSD
operating system distribution, where one might use as many shared libraries
as possible (including the TL specific libkpathsea etc., since they are
installed in a location determind by the distro).


Thus I see no way to put shared objects into the native TL distribution,
moreover TL should work not only for Windows and Linux but also for many
other systems (including some ancient ones where it not clear how to build
and load shared objets).

A distro is free to include such shared objets, preferably from some
canonical sources, and that should be possible in the context of TL, althogh
not as part of it.

Peter Breitenlohner

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