[tex-live] context modules not in TL 2014

Axel Kielhorn tex at axelkielhorn.de
Sun Jan 25 09:58:28 CET 2015


I am currently learning ConTeXT in order to give a tutorial at the Dante meeting in april.
I would like to say that everything needed is already included in TeX Live, but I discovered that some modules are missing:

> animation/     GPL 3
> annotation/    GPL 3
> cmscbf/        GPL 2
> cmttbf/        GPL 2
> fancybreak/    GPL 3
> layout/        GPL
> title/         GPL 3
> urwgaramond/   GPL 2
> urwgothic/     Public Domain
> visualcounter/ Simplified BSD License

Since I see no reason to not include them (except for Space on the DVD) I would like to ask to include them in TL 2015.

Greetings Axel
Man sollte das mal mit ConTeXt betrachten.

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