[tex-live] Getting TeX Live installed in /usr/local to see an .sty installed in /usr/share

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jan 16 23:52:28 CET 2015

My thought is to make symlinks specifically to sagetex.sty and its doc
file(s) in the existing texmf-local for TL. 

Just to note: as I understand it, any given version of sagetex may or
may not work with any given version of TL.  That's why they removed it
from CTAN and asked me to remove it from TL in the first place.  (I
don't know specifically what would break, just repeating the warnings
they told me.)

    TEXMFLOCAL to include multiple trees is not encouraged

I wouldn't say so much that it's not encouraged as that someone who does
so should be very clear on what they are doing, just like modifying any
environment variable or other settings.  (And it doesn't solve your
particular problem, anyway, as you pointed out.)

Good luck,

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