[tex-live] Compiling from source

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Jan 14 23:31:05 CET 2015

The dropping of /usr does not make sense to me.  The scripts and
programs do not randomly change the paths as given.  Do you have any
tex-related environment variables set?

At any rate, 1) does kpsewhich cmr10.tfm find the tfm file?
If not, clearly nothing will work.  (The tfms are already in Master and
do not need to be built.)

2) how about kpsewhich -engine=/ tex.fmt?  If that's not there, the fmt
needs to be built (as is apparently the case).

3) why fmtutil-sys is failing, I cannot guess; you'd have to look at the
log.  Perhaps try building the simplest format by hand:
tex -ini '\input tex.ini'

As for the doc about building from source, I tried to write it as
clearly (yet tersely, because no one reads long instructions) as I
could.  Just saying it's confusing does not help.


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