[tex-live] how to get updated dvisvgm 1.14 on Linux as part of TL 2015?

Lars Madsen daleif at math.au.dk
Wed Dec 30 15:46:53 CET 2015

you have to wait for the mirrors to catch up

The updated version is not available at my local mirror yet either

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Subject: [tex-live] how to get updated dvisvgm 1.14 on Linux as part of TL      2015?

Just saw announcement of new version of dvisvgm on comp.text.tex

Since I use this program a lot, I wanted to get the latest version.


So I just did a full update of TL 2014 on linux,

sudo /usr/local/texlive/2015/bin/x86_64-linux/tlmgr  update --all

But I do not see dvisvgm being updated. There is a new version of it. Why it
does not show up in the update? I know it is not a package, but a
program. Should this not be included? Are binaries not part of tlmgr update?
[ 42/205, 02:17/06:13] update: dowith [1180k] (29501 -> 38860) ... done
[ 43/205, 02:19/06:13] update: dvipdfmx [344k] (37159 -> 38779) ... done
[ 44/205, 02:21/06:17] update: dvipdfmx-def [49k] (38439 -> 38796) ... done
[ 45/205, 02:24/06:25] update: dvips [627k] (38519 -> 39052) ... done
[ 46/205, 02:26/06:27] update: dynamicnumber [161k] (38590 -> 38726) ... done
[ 47/205, 02:28/06:32] update: e-french [1779k] (38141 -> 38742) ... done

Here is the link to the updated date of dvisvgm


1.14 2015-12-28.

After the TL update it done, I still have the old version:

dvisvgm (TeX Live) 1.9.2

But the new version is 1.14

which dvisvgm

How does one get new version of dvisvgm updated as part of TL 2015?


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