[tex-live] possible breakage of tl-paper on Ubuntu

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Dec 15 01:27:33 CET 2015

Hi Nelson,

> Thanks to several off-list exchanges with Norbert Preining today
> (amazing, considering our 16-hour time difference between Utah and

(being currently in the UK, it is less of a hassle ;-)

> It appears that the problem was that updmap-sys was not running
> successfully during the initial package-recovery stage, due to

That would really really surprise me ... I have seen the error
you posted first before, and it was solely due to the internal API
changes of some TLPaper functions. All the TL internal scripts
were updated at the same time, but tl-paper in Debian needed
to be adjusted, too.

But in all this, updmap does not play any role.

I would be interested to really understand what is going on,
but I am *rather* sure that it is not updmap...

> By running updmap-sys manually with the above environment
> restrictions, we got it to complete, and then subsequent "apt-get
> install" commands would run successfully.

That can well be ... but then the error in apt was not triggered
by the tl-paper error, but by another error appearing during
the post-install calls of updmap. That is a critical error and
will make apt consider the package only half-installed (not

All the best


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