[tex-live] Invalid config.h/c-auto.h files building TeX Live on Windows (MinGW64/MSYS64) [solved]

Graham Douglas graham.douglas at readytext.co.uk
Mon Dec 14 12:03:02 CET 2015

Hi All

If anyone is interested, it turned out to be line endings in the
config.h.in files --- they were saved as Windows
line endings during my SVN checkout (Tortoise SVN) and that was causing
an awk regex in config.status files to fail.
As far as I can deduce, config.status creates a temporary file
"defines.awk" which  parses config.h.in (and other *.in files)
to produce the final config.h files (and other generated.h files). The
Windows line endings were causing
the awk search-and-replace regex (scanning config.h.in etc) to fail.

Resaving the config.h.in (etc) files with "Linux" line endings appears
to have solved the problem.


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