[tex-live] lineno.sty in humanities repo rather than base for some reason... can it be changed?

Andy Buckley andy.buckley at cern.ch
Sat Sep 6 18:59:35 CEST 2014

On 06/09/14 17:55, Zdenek Wagner wrote:
> 2014-09-06 15:56 GMT+02:00 Johannes Böttcher <johannesbottcher at gmail.com>:
>> Hi Andy,
>> i don't think you are in the right place here, as the TeX Live
>> team has, as far as i know,  no say in what the different distros
>> put into their repositories.
> tlmgr info shows that lineno really belongs to collection-humanities,
> thus Ubuntu copies the TeX Live.

Indeed -- I would have reported this to Ubuntu/Debian, but I checked the
TeXlive website and did find reference to these collections, so it
seemed to be an "upstream" issue rather than a packaging one. Thanks for

>> I haven't seen line numbering in schientific works except for
>> code listings. But almost everybody uses ppackage *listings* for
>> this purpose.
> I do it, not for the filan version but for proof reading. If you want
> to report misprints, it is better to see the line nubers without the
> need of counting them.

Exactly the use-case I have in mind. I work in a large scientific
collaboration with formal internal proof-reading processes, and we need
to use lineno -- but due to the "humanities" classification it is rarely
installed by default in our TeX environments.

> Package listings is needed in programming, not
> in science in general.

Yes, I fully agree.

Thanks again,

>> On 06.09.2014 14:43, Andy Buckley wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I was trying to figure out why CTAN lists the commonly used lineno
>> package as in TeXlive, yet it wasn't available on my Ubuntu texlive base
>> + extras installation. Then I found this blog post:
>> http://shihho.wordpress.com/2013/01/29/latex-lineno/
>> which explains that for some odd reason lineno is considered a
>> "humanities" package. As a scientist, I hadn't seen a need to install
>> texlive-humanities, but can assure you that demand for line numbering
>> isn't restricted to the humanities ;-)
>> As far as I can tell this hasn't yet been reported as a bug, and
>> hopefully isn't just an accidental misassignment or oversight... so:
>>   Could lineno please be moved to the TeXlive base so it'll be
>> automatically available in lots of scientific computing environments
>> that won't have installed the humanities repo?
>> Thanks,
>> Andy

Dr Andy Buckley, Royal Society University Research Fellow
Particle Physics Expt Group, University of Glasgow / PH Dept, CERN

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