[tex-live] Regressions triggered by 'latex' package updates on pretest

David Carlisle d.p.carlisle at gmail.com
Tue May 20 02:11:41 CEST 2014

The old inputenc did not do anything remotely sensible on luatex, and teh
test document you sent demonstrates that



%abc é




It runs without error but utf-8 is not enabled and if you uncomment the
line with text you got (in tl2013)

Package utf8x.def Warning: Character(s)244 etc.gotredefinedsomewhere.
(utf8x.def)                Restoringtoitsutf8x-meaning on input line 5.

Runaway argument?
! Paragraph ended before é was complete.

Now the error is flagged a bit earlier but it isn't really a regression.

An immediate workaround in the document  is to load luainputenc _before_
inputenc loads ucs sty.


However a more general fix would be for europecv not to load ucs and
inputenc packages on engines where they do not work, for example

$ diff -c europecv.cls~ europecv.cls
*** europecv.cls~       2014-05-20 00:48:26.128858000 +0100
--- europecv.cls        2014-05-20 00:54:05.427264800 +0100
*** 292,299 ****
--- 292,303 ----

+ \ifx\Umathchar\@undefined
+ \else
+ \renewcommand\ecv at utf[1]{{#1}}
+ \fi
  \RequirePackage{fancyhdr} % For page numbering

would make the sample document work as intended with utf8 not only declared
but actually working and an e acute being typeset.

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