[tex-live] Location of {TeX,*}.web in TeX Live 2013 ?

Heiko Oberdiek heiko.oberdiek at googlemail.com
Thu May 15 15:17:17 CEST 2014

Hello Phil,

On 15.05.2014 14:16, Philip Taylor wrote:
> Hallo Heiko --
>> Project `latex-tds' also provides a module `knuth' with
>> PDF documentation files including bookmarks and links:
>>      CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/latex-tds/knuth.tds.zip
>> Perhaps Karl has forgotten to install it?
> I don't know;

It seems that the `.web' files are not missed a long time.
But it's something for Karl to sort out.

>>> I then tried a search for "filename:tex.web" on the whole of my
>>> TeX Live 2013 installation, and was told "file not found".
>> Currently the `.web' files are sorted into TDS:source/knuth//
>> However, there they cannot be found, because the search path
>> in texmf.cnf is;
>> WEBINPUTS = .;$TEXMF/web//
> No, the setting of "WEBINPUTS" would not be relevant here;

Starting point was something like `tangle tex.web'. Then the
`.web' file should be in the current directory or in a path,
found via WEBINPUTS.

> it was
> Windows 7 "Search" that I was using, not anything dependent on
> TeX Live, Kpathsea[rch] or similar.  There genuinely appears to
> be no copy of TeX.web in TeX Live 2013 (full install).

Currently there is only `glue.web' in TL2014-pretest.

>> I have now changed the installation directories in module `knuth'
>> and put the `.web' files below TDS:web/knuth//. Now
>> tangle should find `tex.web' and the other `.web' files.

>> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/71873949/tmp/latex-tds/knuth.tds.zip
>> The paths are now correct? Nothing missing?
> I cannot swear to either of the latter, but a simple test of "Tangle
> TeX.web" from the TeX Live 2013 command prompt now works,

On case-sensitive file systems, the command is:

    tangle tex.web

> although
> (of course) a naive user of Windows 7 would fail to find the

A "naive" user would not even find a command prompt and if he
stumbles into it, he would not know what to do.

> resulting output file since the default directory into which the
> TeX Live 2013 command prompt opens is not writeable by mere mortals
> and the results get sent to some concealed location that I cannot
> be bothered to track down ...

I get the following error message in a read-only directory:

    tangle: tex.p: Permission denied

Perhaps it is not written at all in your system.
In theory there is TEXMFOUTPUT, from texmf.cnf:

% Write .log/.dvi/etc. files here, if the current directory is unwritable.

But it is commented and tangle does not seem to support this

>> C:\Windows\system32>tangle tex.web
>> This is TANGLE, Version 4.5 (TeX Live 2013/W32TeX)
>> *1*17*25*38*54*72*99*110*115*133*162*173*199*203*207*211*220*256*268*289*297*300
>> *321*332*366*402*464*487*511*539*583*592*644*680*699*719*768*813*862*891*900*919
>> *942*967*980*1029*1055*1136*1208*1299*1330*1338*1340*1379*1380
>> Writing the output
>> file.....500.....1000.....1500.....2000.....2500.....3000....
>> .3500.....4000.....4500.....5000.....5500.....6000.
>> Done.
>> 1044 strings written to string pool file.
>> (No errors were found.)
>> C:\Windows\system32>

Good, except that I would not use a windows system directory as current

> To achieve this, I unpacked "knuth.tds.zip" into
> "D:\TeX\Live\texmf-local\web\knuth" (pure conjecture :  how is a TeX
> Live user intended

"knuth.tds.zip" should be unpacked at the root of the TDS tree, e.g.:

  cd D:\TeX\Live\texmf-local
  unzip knuth.tds.zip

(with the correct location for knuth.tds.zip)
Then tex.web should end up in


> to interrogate the system to ask where his/her TeXMF-Local hierarchy
> is rooted ?), tried "Tangle TeX.web" from the TeX Live 2013 command
> prompt, found nothing had changed, used the TeX Live manager in GUI
> mode to rebuild the filename database(s), and finally all worked as
> hoped.

Yes, by default, the file name database is needed for local trees.
Only the home trees (TEXMFHOME) are searched directly, if a file
is not found.

Yours sincerely
  Heiko Oberdiek

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