[tex-live] xindy vs utf8 latex

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Fri May 9 01:34:54 CEST 2014

I just ran what Joachim mentioned and reported it did not work. Haven't had access to my pretest since, and did not investigate further.

Will test tomorrow

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    In pretest, does a file lib/xindy/modules/tex/inputenc/utf8.xdy
    exists? If yes, 2.5.0 is available.

Not under lib/ (nothing from xindy has been ever under a lib/ directory
in TL), but yes, there is such a file.

$ head texmf-dist/xindy/modules/tex/inputenc/utf8.xdy
;; Generated from recoded latin?.xdy

(merge-rule "\'A" ...
[etc. etc., 178 lines in all according to wc]

Furthermore, xindy -V reports 2.5.0.  I don't think there is any
question that 2.5.0 is installed and has been for a week+.

I think the question is for Lars: why did you find that the utf8 support
is not there?  What did you run that made you think so?  Was it just the
-C vs. -L red herring, maybe?


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