[tex-live] xindy vs utf8 latex

Joachim Schrod jschrod at acm.org
Thu May 8 01:13:46 CEST 2014

Lars Madsen writes:
> will wait for those then.
> Just out of curiosity what is so wrong with the workaround posted in
> that TSE answer. Is it because utf8 sorting is very nontriviel?

I realized my critic wasn't precise enough. It's not that the
conversion utility is bad, it's the follow up of the commands to be
used after ie2utc.

One important issue: If one has raw index in LICR, texindy -L option
actually has no effect on sorting at all. Instead it *only* defines
the output encoding of the letter group headings -- and just that,
index formatted markup will still be in LICR!! This is definitively a
design error in xindy, but for now we're living with it. Repairing
that design error would mean to redesign and rewrite the whole
encoding show, not likely to be done easily.


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