[tex-live] [pretest] pdfcsplain is bad linked in x86_64-linux

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu May 8 00:41:03 CEST 2014

Hi Reinhard, hi all,

> You are right, the symlinks are already in the .tar.xz packages.  It
> seems that we already lost some functionality from teTeX.  It would be

Huu, which functionality? Symlinks were not created in teTeX at 
format build time AFAIR.

> files.  Please note that "texconfig init" creates symlinks for all

Do *NOT* advertise texconfig, please please please.
texconfig is dead. Nobody works on it, nobody adapts it to new things.
It might work in some border cases.

> platforms.  Maybe Norbert could add this functionality to tlmgr as a
> higher level interface to fmtutil.  Of course, it's too late for
> TL-2014 but maybe worth to be considered for the future.

I don't understand what is your target: Do oyou mean when
	fmtutil ... something ...
is run, then links should be generated?

But what about context which has several format dumps for different
languages, but no specific links? And what about the pdfcs* formats
with the same problem?

I don't really see how you propose to solve this, but by *disabling*
all formats and *require* *each* and *every* user to build all
formats by hand? Huuu? That will a desaster!

If you have a better proposal, flesh it out.

Rewriting fmtutil in perl is anyway high up in my list of things
to do for TeX Live ....


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