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Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Wed May 7 23:49:31 CEST 2014

2014-05-07 2:14 GMT+02:00 Joachim Schrod <jschrod at acm.org>:

> On 05/06/14 12:14, Zdenek Wagner wrote:
> >
> > I am not sure whether all this can be achieved at the expand
> > processor level where inputenc works but I know that it is already
> > implemented in encTeX. I use it regularly for Czech specifying "-I
> > omega" with texindy (because the input markup is now the same as in
> > omega).
> Please don't spread the word about using "-I omega" with texindy if
> you're not really using Omega. If it works for you, fine -- but
> please don't recommend it.

This is not a result of blind trial and error, I found it by reading and
examining the code before I tried it.

> "xindy -M texindy" is your command in that case. I recently changed
> the texindy man page to emphasize that.
> Sigh. I really have to add a "-I <something>" option to texindy
> that simply skips all texindy LICR heuristics and simply forwards
> that call to "xindy -M texindy".
> Anybody got a good proposal how "<something>" should be named?
> "non-LICR"? "XeTeX"? "LuaTeX"? All of them?

But -I omega does exactly that. Omega works in Unicode so that the files
contain plain UTF8 without LICR. XeTeX does the same, the files are
identical although the engine is different, encTeX without inputenc does
exactly the same. I have not examined LuaTeX but most probably it is the
same case.

> @Karl: Would such a change in a script be OK for TL 2014?
> @Peter: xindy-2.5.1 with just that small change?
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