[tex-live] Problem with pax.win32

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Mon Mar 31 04:04:13 CEST 2014

On 2014-03-30 at 22:11:54 +0200, Zdenek Wagner wrote:

 > BTW: This is the reason why I have not run getnonfreefonts. I do
 > not want to read all licenses of nonfree fonts in order to find out
 > whether I can use them in my commercial work. I prefer not to have
 > them.

Zdeněk, why didn't you simply ask me?  My policy is to only support
fonts which can be used freely, even commercially, if the only
restriction is that they can't be freely distributed.

AFAIK all fonts supported by getnonfreefonts can be used freely, at
least if you're using them as they are.  You still have to consult the
license files if you intend to modify the fonts.

Of course, Zdeněk, I fully agree with you that it's a pain if users
are forced to read all the licence files themselves.  The sole purpose
of getnonfreefonts is to make the fonts available without charging
money for the distribution.

Unfortunately it's a matter of fact that the name of the game,
"getnonfreefonts", implies that you end up in prison if you are using
this program.  But it's actually not the case.  I wrote it a few days
before TL-2005 was released and thus had no time to invent a better

As I said in a previous mail, in a commercial environment it's a
requirement that you can rely on the fact that everything provided by
TeX Live can be used without any restriction.  The same holds true
for getnonfreefonts, of course.


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