[tex-live] LuajitTeX / TeXLive 2014

Élie Roux elie.roux at telecom-bretagne.eu
Fri Mar 28 21:20:39 CET 2014

>> Also, I'm wondering if LuajitTeX will be included in TeXLive 2014 now
>> that it's fully part of LuaTeX repository?
> Yes. But not for all architectures.

Ok, great!

>> If so, will it be considered
>> as an engine, with the corresponding commands and formats
>> (dviluajitlatex, etc.)?
> Not sure, but even if it would be, I would vote against introducing
> exponential combinatorial explosion of the symlinks – and those
> starting with dvi in particular.

I agree with you...

Another solution I thought about was to have something similar to
update-alternatives on debian, to switch between the luatex and luajitex
binaries (though I'm not sure it wouldn't need to have formats rebuilt).
Do you think it would be a good solution?

Thank you,

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