[tex-live] Problem with pax.win32

Uwe Siart usenet at siart.de
Fri Mar 21 11:35:07 CET 2014

Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at> writes:

> But we do *not* go through each and every perl script and check if
> all modules are available.

Dear all,

I wholeheartedly understand the problem. It is similar if one expected
TL to come with a C compiler just because there's a *.c file in one of
the package sources. And windows lacks some infrastructure that Linux
provides by default. That's how it is.

I reported that error because I did not know that the TL scripts would
use an independent perl be it that one is there. I was wrongly thinking
that the TL wrappers are somehow hard-wired to the perl in TL. But, as I
learned, that's not the case.


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