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Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Mar 12 19:51:39 CET 2014


in addition to what the others wrote, I am doubting that installation of linux arch on vfat usb stick will work due to the lack of symlink support. 

But I might be wrong.

We are actually searching for a good filesystem that can be used on usbsticks on all unix and windows machines to replace the DVD with usb sticks.


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> On 2014/03/12, at 0:18, benny <benny at debenny.de> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have one short (and maybe stupid) question:
> When I install the portable version of TeXLive to a USB Stick, will it only contain the executables for the OS I use installing?
> I thought this portable version would be a great way to wander between my Linux Laptop and my wife's Windows machine...
> To me it looks like there are only the Win binaries installed (yes, I used my wife's pc to install the portable version to the USB)... but I am not sure anyway where exactly I would look for the Linux applications, so maybe I'm just blind.
> Thank you
> Benjamin
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