[tex-live] frenchb.lua not found

Daniel Flipo daniel.flipo at free.fr
Wed Mar 12 11:06:19 CET 2014

Hi all,

I have recently uploaded a new version of babel-french to CTAN which, 
for the first time includes a .lua file. It is now part of TeXLive.

frenchb.ldf and frenchb.lua are both located in
which looks fine for me but the frenchb.lua is not found when I compile 
the following basic example with lualatex:


Error message is:

! LuaTeX error cannot open frenchb.lua: No such file or directory

Odd is that
% kpsewhich -engine=luatex frenchb.lua
% kpsewhich -progname=lualatex frenchb.lua
both return

Of course, I checked the permissions (rw-r-r on files and rwx-rx-rx on 

Thanks for any hint and best wishes,
Daniel Flipo

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