[tex-live] Request for dvisvgm update

Kuznetsov A.N. pm_kan at mail.ru
Wed Mar 5 08:44:52 CET 2014


Current version of TL2013 use dvisvgm 1.2.2. Is it possible to update dvisvgm
to version 1.5.2 (or at least 1.5.1), or 3rd-party binaries are updated only in
major releases?

Since v1.2.2 few issues related to using dvisvgm with t4ht were fixed. The most
important (for me) is fix in v1.5.1:
- fixed processing of font definitions across DVI pages

it fixes regression from v1.1 that lead to error
"DVI error: undefined font number ..."
when extracting formula images from multi-page .idv file.

Sorry for my English.
Best regards,
 Kuznetsov Andrey           pm_kan at mail.ru

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