[tex-live] installing with custom binaries & making it

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Jul 24 01:32:18 CEST 2014

    What is 'make world' actually doing?

If you look at the top-level Makefile.am, it will be obvious.
It runs three submakes: install-strip run-texlinks check
That is it.

    make world' has 1 fail test (bibtexmem),
    however 'make && make check' has no ones.

I can only surmise your available memory is on the verge of being
exhausted during the tests, and depending on what else is running at the
time of the test, the allocation by bibtex may or may not succeed.

I know that bibtex does do a "big" (by the standards of small devices)
allocation when it starts up.  The failure of this test is not
important, as a practical matter.  Perhaps we can change the test to
reduce how much gets allocated.

    - Installer script installed another copy of manpages to
    bin/custom/man directory.  

As far as I know, what is installed is not a copy of anything, but a
symbolic link from bin/*/man to .../texmf-dist/doc/man.  It happens in

This is for the sake of man programs that automatically look for man/
entries in PATH directories, a nice feature.  This exists notably but
not only on MacOSX.

    Is it differs of manpages that comes with own-making binaries?

Thus: no.

    How to prevent of install these mans correctly (*perfectionism style*)?

It is operating as intended, for good reason, so I don't agree with the
description of "imperfect".

If you have some personal distaste for this bin/man, that's fine; you
can either set the environment variable TL_INSTALL_OMIT_MAN_LINK to
anything non-null before (or when) running the build, or just rm it

hope this helps,

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