[tex-live] (x)dvipdfmx and fully embeded fonts in pdftex.map

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Jul 21 01:48:31 CEST 2014


(1) I don't think any useful conclusions can be reached from running
xetex without --no-pdf, since it doesn't report why the font loading
fails.  FWIW, I also see differences between Windows and Unix.

(2) After further testing, I can agree that there is something awry in
the loading via the map file.  I'm not prepared to try to address that
myself now, but I reported it for Khaled's consideration here:

(3) For compatibility if nothing else, I feel that the mathdesign author
should change the loading of the gfs* fonts.  I see no benefit to his
current approach.  (The proprietary fonts in mathdesign are a different

(4) The one thing I did just do was make the tiny tweak to the sources to
accept and ignore << as has been done all along with <[:

fontmap.c (revision 34677)
-      if (++p < endptr && *p == '[') p++; /*skip */
+      if (++p < endptr && (*p == '[' || *p == '<')) p++; /*skip */

It won't help for this year, but at least for the future ...
I'll also do something to disambiguate various fatal error msgs.


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