[tex-live] Problems with TL2014 Windows command line environment

keithpickering . keith.pickering at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 19:57:09 CEST 2014


I just installed TL2014 in Windows Vista and ran through the tests
described in the TexLive Guide, section 3.5, using the TL command line box
(invoked from the Start Menu). This drops you into the c:\Windows\system32
directory at startup as a default.

All tests *appeared* to work, as in the programs ran and the text screen
output looked normal. However, no actual output files were found using
either the "dir" command or Windows Explorer.

Running dviout brought up sample2e.dvi just fine, and showed the dvi file
to be in the c:\Windows\system32 directory. Simultaneously, the "dir"
command claimed "Not Found" for any .dvi file in the \Windows\system32
directory. (Screenshot attached).
Running kpsewhich also showed outputs in the ./ (current working)
directory, despite dir's denial.

Running cmd.exe by myself in my home directory, all tests worked fine and
all output was found. Therefore it seems that the \Windows\system32
directory is locked down in some odd way that prevents files from being

So I'd like to suggest that the TL command line environment no longer use
\Windows\system32 as a default directory, but use the user's home directory


Keith Pickering
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