[tex-live] Minitoc documentation size

Nils Ole Tippenhauer nils_tippenhauer at sutd.edu.sg
Wed Jul 16 04:14:12 CEST 2014

Hi Robin,

How about the following: I will try to create a less bloated version. 
For starters, I will remove any map/flag-related section from the 
manual, and the corresponding files. I can then provide you with the 
results. Ideally, we would remove the french version of the manual, but 
some people might not like that (?).

There seem to be a lot of example files as well, I'm not sure if they 
are needed. The whole minitoc localization looks awkward to me, but I 
barely understand what's happening there. Maybe this is how it's 
supposed to be done.

You can then take over the CTAN ownership, review my changes, and upload 
the new file, with hopefully less effort for yourself.

Let me konw what you think,

On 16/07/2014 05:10, Robin Fairbairns wrote:
> Nils Ole Tippenhauer <nils_tippenhauer at sutd.edu.sg> wrote:
>> I am writing to suggest some changes to the minitoc package. CTAN lists
>> Jean-Pierre Drucbert as maintainer, bu he passed away in 2009. Minitoc
>> contains documentation that takes a lot of space, see
>> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/texlive-extra/+bug/822828
>> For example, there is a minitoc-fr.pdf file (~27Mb size) as part of the
>> package, that is bloated with maps of countries and flags.
> it is totally crazy, imo, but i failed to ask permission from
> jean-pierre, before he died, to make a slimline version.
>> Unfortunately, the package is automatically recommended (i.e.
>> practically installed) for all Debian/Ubuntu users.
>> Is it possible to remove some of the content from the minitoc
>> documentation in tex-live, or should I try talking to CTAN directly?
> i don't believe it's possible simply to trim the megabloat, and retain a
> coherent document.  most of the bloat is the interminable flags and bits
> of map, and similar, but they're woven into the text.
> if i can persuade myself (as a ctan manager ;-) that what i'll do is
> legitimate, it will enter my "retirement" to-do list, for working on
> some time later than 29 october.
> but beware, i'm a slow worker...
> robin

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