[tex-live] Problems with non-7bit characters in filename

Klaus Ethgen Klaus at Ethgen.ch
Sun Jul 6 23:20:14 CEST 2014

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Sorry that I reported a bug in lualatex. I was thinking that there is
interest in fixing bugs. Instead, people having a different view of life
will be slag off. Never mind, folks, but that was the first and the last
bug report I ever made for TeX. Sorry, that is no way that I thought,
civilized people should talk with each other.

Am So den  6. Jul 2014 um  3:05 schrieb Reinhard Kotucha:
> The purpose of LuaTeX is to provide a TeX system which supports
> Unicode.

No, it isn't. That is just one goal. One other goal was to give better
font support.

> It works like a charm but you deliberately broke it because you are
> against Unicode.

It broke as it is buggy.

> And why should LuaTeX support Latin1?

Because it is a valid encoding.

> Why don't you simply stick to ASCII?  You obviously believe in these
> crappy national 8-bit encodings.

And you seams to think that there is nothing other in the world than
your god UTF-8 (or Unicode).

While Unicode has its field where it is great, thinking that there
should be nothing else is - sorry, I find no other word for it - stupid.

> But please keep in mind that most people (Chinese, Koreans, ...) need
> more than 256 characters.

I cannot read and write such languages. Sorry. So why again should I
write such Text?

I have no problem if other people write in UTF-8 if it is specified for
the particular system. But you (and other) seems to have a problem with
that there are other people around that don't use that Encoding.

And you forget Russians. But ah, they uses more koi8 than UTF-8, such

> It's a matter of fact that things don't work for you because you broke
> your system deliberately.

I did not break it. Lualatex is just buggy. Accept that or not, it do
not change the fact.

> You expect that someone provides a workaround for a problem which you
> can avoid easily.

I expect software without bugs or with there authors want to fix bugs.

> Everything works fine on Unix.

Then just stay in your small world.

Am So den  6. Jul 2014 um  9:52 schrieb Zdenek Wagner:
> I understand what Klaus means. He has Latin1 locale and types
> luatex something


> where "something" contains umlaut characters in Latin1 but luatex
> wants unicode. His installation is simple because he probably does not
> access disks mounted from other network sources so that the charset of
> his file system is the same as his system locale (but it need not be
> true in general).

Well, and here is the point. Even if you use a remote mounted
filesystem, you expect that the filename is used in the way you see it.
You would never expect that you have to write "¢" on the commandline
when the "ls" shows you a "¢", you would type "¢" in that case.

The user always use the charset that he sees.

> Thus what he want, just passing the octets from the command line as
> octets for the file system, is wrong in principle, it cannot work, it
> will cause even more troubles if files are shared over heterogeneous
> network.

No, it is the only way it could ever work. The user would never type
something different on command line as he sees.

If all is UTF-8, that is great as the input octets forms valid UTF-8 so
the file system does.

If using latin1 on commandline it would too as it would encode that what
the user sees via "ls".

But just don't bother more. I would never ever report bugs in lualatex
thanks of the mobbing that takes place here. This will be my last mail
to the mailing list. I simply like to spend my time to some productive
stuff and not for fighting against mobbing.

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