[tex-live] Inaccessible checkboxes of TL installer on small screens

Andreï | Андрей Викторович fifis.himik at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 12:26:53 CEST 2014

Indeed it does! Fits like a glove! So much more convenient now.
Again, thanks a lot for the change.

Yours sincerely,      | С уважением,
Andreï V. Kostyrka. | Андрей Викторович Костырка.
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2014-06-28 1:22 GMT+04:00 Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at>:

> On Wed, 25 Jun 2014, Norbert Preining wrote:
> > Anyway, I will look into it and see what I can do.
> I have now commited changes that rearrange the collection selection
> window into three columns, and a chnaged layout of the buttons.
> Should now easily fit on even a small screen.
> Norbert
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