[tex-live] On Windows, install TL for all users by default

Denis Bitouzé dbitouze at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jan 29 11:52:34 CET 2014

Le mercredi 29/01/14 à 08h08,
Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at> a écrit :

> > AFAIK, it would be harmless to make, on Windows, TL install by
> > default for all users.
> Many years of experience have shown that this is not true.

See below.

> WIth recent WIndows you have hidden registry hierarchies, 
> non-admin users cannot change things suddenly,

Yes, a good point BTW.

> no no no no.


> We will not go there, as it took enough headache to understand
> why it is bad.


> No you want to have it, but imagine the amount of complains we will
> get stating:
> 	* suddenly I cannot update with tlmgr anymore
> 	* the menu entries are strange
> 	* changes I made are not visible
> because a user is running the program as amdin, but not *starting* the
> program (tlmgr) in admin mode...

I helped to install TL on hundreds of Windows PC that I used to advise
to do with the install-tl-advanced.bat script, in order to be able to:

1. install for all users,
2. not install TeXworks (that is not friendly for beginners IMHO).

I don't pretend all these users still use LaTeX massively but I never
had any question of that kind.

> No default multi-user installation on Windows. Pain would be
> programmed.

Okay, I'm not a Windows expert so maybe I'm wrong here.

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