[tex-live] On Windows, install TL for all users by default

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Jan 29 00:08:43 CET 2014

> AFAIK, it would be harmless to make, on Windows, TL install by default
> for all users.

Many years of experience have shown that this is not true.
WIth recent WIndows you have hidden registry hierarchies, 
non-admin users cannot change things suddenly, no no no no.

We will not go there, as it took enough headache to understand
why it is bad.

No you want to have it, but imagine the amount of complains we will get
	* suddenly I cannot update with tlmgr anymore
	* the menu entries are strange
	* changes I made are not visible
because a user is running the program as amdin, but not *starting* the
program (tlmgr) in admin mode...

No default multi-user installation on Windows. Pain would be programmed.


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