[tex-live] Install file of the TL should have unique name

Denis Bitouzé dbitouze at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jan 18 09:13:48 CET 2014

Le vendredi 17/01/14 à 19h28,
Mojca Miklavec <mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com> a écrit :

> What I meant (a bit rhetorically) was: Siep promissed to fix it for
> the next release and argued that fixing it before doesn't make that
> much of a difference because the website is unambiguous. Give that it
> should be fixed in TL 2014, I wanted to ask how you would fix it for
> "those who install TL from a DVD shipped by their TUG" before TL 2014.

OK, I misunderstood and sorry for the noise. For DVDs, indeed let us
wait for the next release. I'm in fact more concerned with ISO files I
build from an up to date tlnet/ directory thanks to:

  rsync -av --delete \ 

> As far as checksums are concerned: shipping a single file listing all
> the relevant checksums has some benefits.

Agree, but still annoying (especially on Windows) that *.*.sha256 have
the same names of the their *.* counterparts (even if I don't see a
better way to implicitly relying them).

> (But then again I'm not aware of typical workflows of those who
> regularly calculated the checksums and whether there are automated
> tools that automatically do it when filename.sha256 is present.)

I must admit that I manually run (for instance):

$ sha256sum update-tlmgr-latest.sh
$ more update-tlmgr-latest.sh.sha256

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