[tex-live] Install file of the TL should have unique name

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Thu Jan 9 22:33:09 CET 2014

Don't you remember the "I love you" virus from the late 90s (I think), it exploited exactly that, came as an attached file called i_love_you.txt.vbs

One of our it guys gave a talk about the virus and the "interesting" ved features that it used

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2014/1/9 Lars Madsen <daleif at imf.au.dk>:
> I agree with Philip, it is a really annoying Win feature.
>From my point of view it is even one of the most dangerous
misfeatures. If a user clicks "infectme.txt" assuming to open it in a
notepad and it is in fact "infectme.txt.exe", the user's computer will
be infected. The Windows users should be educated to:

1. configure Windows to display all extensions

2. do not click anything unless (1) is done

3. report this security risk to Microsoft

4. spread this knowledge to other Windows users

> I change it on our users computer whenever they come by.
> As far as making the file names unique, I do not think it is possible at the moment due to the manner in which the .bat file calls install-tl
> But you should easily be able to tell them apart even without the extensions. Windows would be able to identify .bat files.
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> Hi,
> in order to install TL 2013 on Windows, I told a student of mine to
> click on the 'install-tl.bat' file in the TL folder. But, as:
> 1. by default, Windows hides the files' extensions,
> 2. TL provides 3 'install-tl.*' files,
> my student didn't succeed to run the install wizard as he didn't click
> on the right file.
> He brought his computer at the university in order I help him but
> I couldn't figure out what was the right file to run. I had to change
> the Windows config in order to make the extensions be displayed, to
> finally detect the .bat file.
> Hence, it could be nice that for the install file of the TL to have
> unique name.
> Best regards.
> --
> Denis

Zdeněk Wagner

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