[tex-live] Choosing mirrors

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Jan 6 00:04:24 CET 2014

On Sa, 04 Jan 2014, Karl Berry wrote:
>     and choose 'load default repository'
>     whereas choosing 'load default net repository'
> I don't know the difference off the top of my head, and can't
> investigate the code right now.  I wildly guess that "load default"
> would go to the mirror previously explicitly chosen by the user (if
> there is one), while "load default net" always goes to mirror.ctan.org.

load default repository:
	load the repository specified in the local tlpdb as default,
	managed by tlmgr option repository or tlmgr repository
load default net repository:
	use mirror.ctan.org service to determine a mirror

If anyone has a bad naming suggestion, easy to change ;-)

> Norbert will be back online eventually and can think about it ...

No need to *think* about it, we need just better names!
Back from Joshua Tree NP and Grand Canyon NP ... great trip.


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