[tex-live] ChangeLog

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Feb 6 19:25:32 CET 2014

    Where can I see what has changed in a recently updated package? 


If you have an actual svn checkout, running svn log -v or svn diff on
likely directories can show you without having to look through the
record of every commit.

    For example, the cm package has just been updated.

In r32856, as part of my continuing efforts to update Knuth's
miscellaneous files, I deleted
and gray.pk, which never should have been part of cm in the first place.

Hence the TL package "cm" got updated, but the CM fonts themselves have
not changed.  DEK made no changes to them in this year's round (and
does not expect to ever change them again).

(Feel free to pass any of this on to tex.sx if it's still a question.)


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