[tex-live] [luatex] luaotfload-database.lua error with TeXLive SVN

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Wed Feb 5 18:07:03 CET 2014

> Delete the old database(s) in the cache-folder and then retry to
> build it.

I've explicitly mentioned in my first mail that I've removed
everything related to luatex from `.texlive2013'...

> Maybe you have an "unreadable" font? I had the same problem on OSX
> with the font µ▒ëõ╗¬þ╗åþ¡ëþ║┐þ╣ü.ttf (yes, no English, no Chinese)
> in the /Library/Fonts folder. Moving it out of search-reach and
> rebuilding the database (and then having isolated the offending font
> keeping it out of the way) did the trick.

The problem wasn't unreadable fonts.  It's rather the fact that
luaotfload is apparently not able to handle old Chinese fonts, for
example `avkv.ttf'.  This font has an invalid PostScript font name
`全真楷書^P' (the ^P is a control character)[1], and I guess this is
the very problem.  Moving away the directory with those fonts, the
call succeeds.  Additionally, this font has a `OS/2' table with
version 0, which is unusual also, together with more peculiarities.

Who is responsible for this program?  Neither --version nor --help
gives any contact (which is also a bug IMHO).  Since my lua knowledge
is zero, I can't debug this by myself.


[1] According to the specs, only characters from a special ASCII
    subset are allowed.

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