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Kuznetsov A.N. pm_kan at mail.ru
Wed Apr 23 08:34:50 CEST 2014

 23.04.2014 2:02 Khaled Hosny wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 08:53:34PM +0000, Karl Berry wrote:
>>     http://sourceforge.net/p/xetex/bugs/90
>> sf is not answering me right now.
>> Khaled, is there prospects for a fix, whatever it is?
> No idea, the code for handling input file names is not something I’m
> very familiar with (the code in question does not look very XeTeX
> specific as well, though I can not reproduce the bug with other
> engines).

XeTeX specifics in this code is in creating UTF16 version of name. Similar code
present in `make_name_string` (declared in xetex.web), but in this function `k`
is defined as local integer variable

> @p function make_name_string:str_number;
> var k:0..file_name_size; {index into |name_of_file|}

So I think that in `start_input` an `open_or_close_in` declaration for `k`
missed and should be added as in `make_name_string`. Currently I can't create
and test patch, but, if needed, I can do it at the weekend.

PS: SF still not working. Here is a copy of bug report:

> When full path to file is longer than 255 symbols, Xe(La)TeX compilation fails with
> ! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [pool size=6178691]
> while evaluating \IfFileExist (\openin).
> Error is in openorclosein [xetex0.c]:
> k = 0 ;
> while ( ( k < namelength16 ) && ( morename ( nameoffile16 [k ]) ) )
> incr(k);
> uses external definition for k, which is declared as unsigned char.

Best regards,
 Kuznetsov Andrey

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