[tex-live] New version of ArmTeX

Serguei DACHIAN Serguei.Dachian at math.univ-bpclermont.fr
Tue Apr 15 21:38:53 CEST 2014

Dear TeX-live development team,

I am the main author of ArmTeX.  ArmTeX is a system for writing Armenian 
with plain TeX and/or LaTeX(2e).

I would like to inform you that a new major version (3.0-beta3) of the 
ArmTeX system is released.  It can be found on CTAN:


Would you kindly consider (re-)including ArmTeX in the future releases 
of Tex-live.  Indeed, the previous version (2.0) of ArmTeX was included 
in TeX-live during several years, before being removed (probably because 
of licensing problems).  The new version can be distributed and/or 
modified under the conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, so it 
should be eligible for being included in TeX-live.  It would be great if 
this new version is distributed along with TeX-live, since it was very 
awaited by and will be very useful for the whole scientific (or, at 
least, the whole mathematical) community of Armenia.

Note that, in spite of the "beta" in its name, the release is stable and 
fully functional: the "beta" is explained by an "imperfect" 
documentation (on which we keep working).  For more details, I include 
below the CTAN announcement text.

Thank in advance for considering including ArmTeX in Tex-live.

Sincerely yours,
Sergeuï DACHIAN (on the behalf of the ArmTex development team).


We are pleased to announce a new major release (3.0-beta3) of the ArmTeX 

ArmTeX is a system for writing in Armenian with plain TeX and/or LaTeX(2e).

The main new features of this version are:

1) ArmTeX can now be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of 
the LaTeX Project Public License.

2) Unicode (UTF8) input is now supported (both in plain TeX and in LaTeX).

3) Some new symbols (including, in particular, Armenian currency symbol 
"\armdram") and some new macros (including, in particular, macros 
dealing with Armenian numerals) are now available.

4) PostScript (Type 1) versions of the Armenian fonts are now provided, 
allowing one to produce PDF and PS files which look better on screen.

5) As a workaround to the absence of the hyphenation, the option 
"loosespace" is now available.

The main drawback is the outdated documentation: the provided manuals 
(both the Armenian and English versions) are those of the version 2.0. 
For the moment, only a brief description of the new features of ArmTeX 
3.0 is provided at the end of the `readme.txt' file.  This is the main 
(and hopefully the only) reason for considering this release as "beta". 
  Before it becomes official, the manuals will be replaced by those of 
the version 3.0.  Of course, if any bug-report and/or suggestion is 
received by that time, it will be equally taken into account.

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