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Thu Sep 26 18:03:23 CEST 2013

Dear Tug user's group:

I am an experienced copyeditor of LaTeX documents. I use BoKoMa to do the

Unfortunately, many of the documents provided to me for editing (by the
Oxford University Press) have errors, which causes BaKoMa to fail, or at
least fail to produce reference lists. BoKoMa is not useful for correcting
these errors.

To get around this, a consultant of mine suggested that I install
TeXLive-2013 in my Windows desktop computer, which I did (the installation
took a very long time). But I find the TeXLive installation to be very user
unfriendly. *How do I RUN the program?*

Note of the available documentation, including the 30-page guide, contain
any answers to this simple question.

Please understand, I do not need to create LaTeX documents. Other authors
do that already. I only need to edit the errors in grammar in these

Should I have installed proTeXt instead?

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Lee A. Young
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