[tex-live] Package preparation question (directory structure)

Urs Liska ul at openlilylib.org
Wed Sep 4 14:09:14 CEST 2013

Hello TeXLive community,

I'm preparating my first package 'lilyglyphs' for CTAN upload. It makes 
notational elements from LilyPond (http://lilypond.org) available for 
continuous text in Lua-/Xe-LaTeX documents.
Unfortunately I have some questions concerning the directory structure 
which I absolutely didn't manage to find satisfying answers for, not 
even after asking on tex.stackexchange. And also searching the tex-live 
archive didn't really make it clear to me.
So I'm sorry to use your time but I have to ask a few questions (trying 
to be as concise as possible).
Better now than after a messy upload. I want the package to show up on 
CTAN and TeXLive as soon as possible of course ...

The development repository is at: 
https://github.com/openlilylib/lilyglyphs, and I'm going to write a 
deploy script to move the files in the correct places.
The package is rather complex and consists of more than 160 files 
currently (with that number growing while the package matures).

First of all I'm not completely clear about the relation between the 
'plain' directory structure and the supplied tds.zip structure.
I think the plain lilyglyphs.zip to be downloaded from CTAN can have 
mostly the same structure as the development directory. But it is of 
course very different from a TDS.

a) General questions:

  * Should I write a script that first prepares the whole directory for
    CTAN and then copies everything needed to a TDS structure?
    Or should I rather try to make the 'plain' CTAN directory the same
    as the TDS structure?
  * documentation
    Is it better to have the sources and the .pdfs of the documentation
    (manual and examples) together in /doc/lilyglyphs or do the sources
    go to /source/lilyglyphs/doc?
  * fonts
    The package redistributes (unmodified) OpenType font files under the
    SIL Open Font License (from http://lilypond.org).
    Do I have to also supply the Metafont sources for these fonts or is
    it sufficient to supply a link to the original developer's Git
    repository in the FONTLOG?

b) TDS related questions:

  * PDFs used by the package
    The package uses pdf files in its commands.
    These pdfs are generated from LilyPond source files.
    The LilyPond source files themselves are generated from definition
    In the development directory I have them organized as
    I don't really know where to put them. I would place the pdfs in
    but I don't know what to do with the rest.
  * scripts
    The package contains a set of Python scripts that help the user to
    extend the package
    (by generating LaTeX commands from template files and/or by
    processing template files to pdf images and generating LaTeX files)
    Of course the user will have to be able to execute them (i.e. know
    where they are and have the rights to have them executable).
    I don't know what to do about that. If I put them in
    /source/lilyglyphs/py how should I direct the user (in the manual)
    so he can make use of these scripts?
  * The package provides a 'shadow' structure of the above /glyphimages
    If the user wants to extend the package she should copy that to a
    location in his private texmf tree and run the scripts in it (a
    writable location for extending the package).
    Where could I put that in (as a directory structure or an archive),
    and how can I refer to that in the manual?

Sorry for that long post and number of question.
If I had known that I would probably have developed a simple package 
with a .sty and a manual ;-)

Best wishes and thanks in advance for any clarification

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